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(Pocket-lint) - Dyson is officially entering the beauty market. Yes really. Those people that made the first vacuum cleaner that allowed you to see how much dirt was in your home have gone about reinventing the hairdryer.

The Dyson Supersonic looks a little like those metal detectors the security people use at the airport, but alas, it is in fact a £300 device that will dry your luscious locks without damaging them too much in the process. 

Four years in the making, £50 million in investment and 600 prototypes later and Dyson brings you the Supersonic with its four heat settings, three airflow settings, a cold shot function and three magnetic attachments including a smoothing nozzle and diffuser.

As you might expect, the Dyson Supersonic won't just be blending into the hairdryer crowd. In fact, it hasn't got a hope in hell of blending in. Put aside its price point and design and it will still stand out like a sore thumb. Unlike other hairdryers, the weight is in the handle of the Supersonic rather than the head thanks to the motor positioning. This means Dyson's hairdryer should be a lot easier to manoeuvre and with a bit of luck, not force you into a bicep workout before the day has even started.

Dysondyson supersonic the 300 hairdryer because you re worth it image 2

The Supersonic is powered by the Dyson digital motor V9, which is said to be up to eight times faster than other hairdryer motors, as well as half the weight. It is the smallest and lightest motor Dyson currently offers and it is this compactness that has allowed it to be placed in the handle.

There is also intelligent heat control on board to make sure your hair isn't exposed to excessive temperatures, while Dyson's Air Multiplier technology amplifies the volume of air drawn into the motor to deliver a high velocity, focused jet of air, angled at 20-degrees. This is apparently the perfect angle for drying and styling. Who knew?

There's more though, just incase you were still attempting to justify the price tag, which you probably are. The Dyson Supersonic is also said to be quieter than most other hairdryers. If you care why, Dyson says it has used an axial flow impeller with fewer blades inside the motor to simplify the pathway of air and reduce the turbulence. The motor being in the handle has also helped reduce noise. 

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The Dyson Supersonic will be available from June for £299 because your hair is totally worth it. Right?

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.