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(Pocket-lint) - Dyson, the master of creating suction and blowing products, has announced it is about to enter the world of beauty with its latest technology. Is the quiet Dyson hair dryer going to arrive at last?

Back in 2013 we reported on Dyson patents for its own hair dryer, which we fancied as the Dyson Hairblade. This product aimed to offer a low-noise unit that was near vibration free yet produced plenty of power.

Now members of the press have been sent a small fan-like component with a note declaring Dyson's intentions to enter the beauty world. It's pretty likely this will be the reveal for its first hair dryer.

In the Dyson patents the hair dryer was described as featuring a zig-zagged path for air flow, to aid in silencing.

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Dyson's words on the patent were: "The provision of a hairdryer in which the fan assembly only processes part of the flow is advantageous for a number of reasons. As less fluid is drawn in, the motor of the fan assembly can be smaller and lighter in weight, the noise produced by the fan assembly can be reduced as there is less flow thorough the fan, this can result in a smaller and or more compact hairdryer which uses less power."

The inclusion of a tiny rotary part in the recent tease does seem to line up with these design descriptions. Here's hoping Dyson's hair dryer is as revolutionary as its vacuum cleaners and hand driers have proved to be.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.