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(Pocket-lint) - Dyson has unveiled its latest blade-less fan, and it's powered by something called "Jet Focus technology".

According to the home appliance maker, the new fan, called AM09, is capable of both heating and cooling your whole room as well as focusing on you. It doesn't have weak airflow, because of its Jet Focus technology, which is inspired by the Coanda effect. The tech causes air to change direction as it travels over a surface.

Dyson's new fan releases air from a jet and accelerates it over an airfoil-shaped ramp in order to produce a narrow flow of air during situations when you want the fan to focus on just you, but for whole room-use, a second jet of air joins the first, thus broadening its angle to produce a wide stream of powerful air.

Not only does the £399.99 AM09 boast powerful airflow and improved airflow pathways but also a new aerodynamic diffuser that simplifies the path the air takes and reduces turbulences, Dyson said. And all of this smooth, high velocity airflow is powered by an energy-efficient, brushless motor.

Dyson fans are made from Acrylontride butadiene styrene, including the new AM09. If you want to know more about the fan, check out our hands-on review.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.