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(Pocket-lint) - Dyson, the British vacuum specialist, has unveiled a video cryptographically showing off something called project N223. It looks like this will be the company's first robot vacuum cleaner which it plans to unveil on 4 September.

Dyson used to have a section on its site showing off its developmental projects, including a robot vac called Dyson dc06. This has now been removed.

The video plays on an old Robocop movie scene, showing the perspective of the device as people work around it, ending with it being turned on. From the autonomous vacuum cleaners moving about the room in the video it's pretty clear that's what we can expect this to be.

The reason this is exciting is that Dyson previously said it would not release a robot vac until it had perfected the device. That's why Dyson is late to the party. It's also why this is likely to be one of the best robot vacs yet. Although with Roomba in the game for sometime, perfecting its tracking regularly, Dyson has a lot to keep up with. Dyson was going to launch a robot vac back in 2001 but cancelled it after realising it was too heavy and expensive. 

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We imagine Dyson, playing to its strengths, will create a small and quiet vac capable of amazing suction. But since the company also invested £5 million last year into a lab at London Imperial College to study how robots see the world around them, its intelligence may also impress.

Expect to hear the full details on project N223 this 4 September.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.