It might be cold outside at the moment, but that isn't stopping Dyson from launching its new range of cooling fans in the UK.

The new Dyson Air Multiplier fan, the company claims, is up to 75 per cent quieter than previous models without compromising on that "blow-ability" for which the previous models are famous.

It's not just the noise levels that have been reduced for the new fan-less fan. The cooler comes with a new remote, a new sleep timer, and the chance to set one of 10 airflow settings to make sure you stay cool through those hot summer nights (don't worry you don't have to sing it like they do in Grease).

It you are wondering how Dyson has managed to get it so quiet, the company says that "to eliminate tones of 1,000Hz (similar to the frequency of the noise produced by the wing beat of mosquitoes) a Helmholtz cavity in the base of the machine dissipates sound waves". 

The new fan will be available in March with prices ranging from £219.99 up to £299.99 depending on what you are after. The new Dyson Cool fans will be available in iron/blue, black/nickel, iron/nickel and white/silver