British firm Dyson has posted a cheeky video both celebrating Great Britain's performances in curling during the Sochi Winter Olympics and giving a glimpse into the future of the sport - if it has its way.

Instead of using brooms to sweep in front of stones as they travel down the ice, the video shows two competitors using Dyson digital slim vacuum cleaners.

The cleaners use V6 digital motors and a brush bar spinning at 4,000rpm, so potentially create an even smoother surface in front of the stone to ensure it travels more effectively.

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Of course, this is all just a bit of fun; a clever marketing ploy to piggyback on British sporting success, but we like it, so there.

Now, if only Dyson could fit its hand-drying technology to the toes of England players' boots in time for the World Cup.

A massive game of blow football is probably our only real chance, if we're being honest.