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(Pocket-lint) - Dyson has announced a new vacuum cleaner that ditches filters altogether, meaning that you never have to do anything other than clean your floors and carpets.

While it will come as a shock to most, although Dyson cleaners don't have bags, they do have filters which you are supposed to regularly clean to maintain performance.

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Perhaps realising that the idea of cleaning the filter is as about as exciting as watching paint dry, Dyson has created a new tech that it says ditches the need for filter maintenance and even the filter itself.

Dubbed Dyson Cinetic cyclone technology (pronounced kinetic), new Dyson vacuum cleaners fitted with the tech will feature smaller cyclones with more-flexible tips than currently seen on cleaners already on sale. According to the company, the spinning airflow agitates the tips, setting up an oscillation which prevents dust from sticking to the cyclones – keeping them clear and removing the need for the filter altogether.

"Getting rid of bags solved the frustration of my vacuum losing suction. But washing filters - or worse – buying them, is still a nuisance," says James Dyson on the new tech. "Dyson Cinetic cyclones are so efficient at separating microscopic particles that everything gets thrust into the bin, and you can forget about fussy filters."

The new tech features in a new cleaner, obviously: the Dyson DC54. It will go on sale in the coming days and comes with 54 of the newer, smaller cyclones wrapped in two tiers around the top of the bin.

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The new cleaner will come in multi floor (£419), animal (£459) and animal complete (£469) versions.

Writing by Stuart Miles.