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(Pocket-lint) - We've heard of life imitating art but this exoskeleton, that looks just like the one in Elysium, is ridiculous. In a good way though: so good that it's won this year's James Dyson Award.

The robotic arm was designed and built by mechanical engineers at the University of Pennsylvania. It can augment your strength to lift an extra 20kg. Ideal for injury rehabilitation or for those who have to engage in heavy lifting on a daily basis, it makes us think of the Power Loader from Aliens.

Since Titan is worn on the top half of your body like a back pack it keeps the user mobile while enhancing upper body strength. This is great for helping to avoid injury in the workplace where in the US 7,000 years of productivity and $50 billion have been lost because of work injuries.

In the case of rehabilitation, movement data is recorded so it can be shared easily with doctors to see how improvements  are coming along. With the £30,000 Dyson award money the Titan team plans to re-invest and improve the device to include EMG readings for muscular activity measuring and, potentially, control so only the brain would make arm movements.

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We're eager to don a super-strength suit down to the gym soon, but doubt it will be on the market for sometime.

Writing by Luke Edwards.