Dyson US has posted a six-minute video on YouTube to show what goes in designing and testing one of its vacuum cleaners, specifically the Dyson DC41. Dyson's brand has been revered as one of the best vacuum cleaners across the globe, so it's worth seeing what happens behind the scenes.

It's a complicated process and reminds us of an car factory, rather than one that would create a vacuum cleaner. The company uses performance tests, filtration demos,  manoeuvrability and durability tests, and a crash test to see just how much of a beating the vacuum can take.

Dyson says the DC41, shown-off in the video, took three years to develop and that it is built to last 10 years. Of course a Dyson doesn't come without a price, as the DC41 starts at roughly £300.

Now if you buy one, you'll rest easy knowing it will probably survive a tumble down the stairs.