(Pocket-lint) - Dyson has announced two new vacuum cleaners ahead of the Christmas clean-up, introducing new tech, even smaller devices, and new ways of cleaning.

Unveiling the new cleaners to a small group of journalists at its London studio, James Dyson said the company was always striving for smaller, more efficient devices to help keep our homes clean.


That task will fall to the new DC50, an upright cleaner, and the DC47 compact vacuum cleaner.

Building on Dyson's iconic cyclone system, both new cleaners will now have two banks of cyclones instead of one, allowing for greater suction capabilities.

Dyson said of the 2 Tier Radial cyclones - the latest development in the company's patented cyclone technology: "By making the cyclones smaller, the air travels faster - meaning we can extract more microscopic dust from the air.”

The DC50 will still use the company's ball technology, although the drive motor is now found in the head unit rather than the ball.


"A direct drive motor sits inside the brush bar, lowering the cleaner head profile and making it easier to clean under furniture," explained Dyson. "The self-adjusting base plate adapts to the floor surface, providing constant suction at the cleaner head, whatever the floor type." 

This, as the inventor demonstrated, means you can now clean dusty footprints off your hard surfaces, thanks also to both carbon fibre and soft brushes on the brush roll at the front.

"On carpets the stiff nylon bristles remove dirt. On hard floors the ultra-fine antistatic carbon fibre filaments remove fine dust."


The DC50 Animal Complete is available in Curry’s from today and costs £359.00. The machine comes with the stubborn dirt brush, flex-crevice tool, Dyzolv cleaner and Tangle-free Turbine tool.

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Meanwhile for those who don't want to opt for an upright cleaner, Dyson has updated its compact range with the DC47.

It will be available exclusively from John Lewis and www.dyson.co.uk from 12 November and comes with the same features of the previous compact model but with improved suck.

It will cost £329.

Writing by Stuart Miles.