The Dyson Air Multiplier produced a bit of a stir on its release back in October 2009, and now the company hopes to appeal to a wider consumer base with its launch of two new devices in the series.

The two new Air Multipliers, the AM02 Tower and AM03 Pedestal, are engineered for larger spaces giving a far greater airflow than the previous model - the AM03 generating 50 per cent more airflow than the AM01 fan.

The Dyson AM02 measures 1 metre high and 19 centimetres wide, with 33 litres of air being drawn through the impeller each second which is then amplified 16 times. Much the same, the Dyson AM03 amplifies the 33 litres of air by 18 times and extends from 1.2 metres to 1.4.

Both devices will retail for £299.99 and will be available from Dyson's website and selected stores.

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