(Pocket-lint) - Canary first launched its current indoor security camera in 2014, promising full HD video recording and to warn you of any activity inside your home, recording it at the same time.

But the first Canary cam can only be used indoors, but now there’s a new model, that can be used both in and outdoors. The Canary Flex is billed as the first connected indoor/outdoor security camera. It’s fully weatherproof, making it ideal for capturing crooks coming up to your front door and, like the original model, the Flex will only alert you of strange happenings that it deems to be worthy of your attention.

It shouldn’t let you know every time a squirrel runs past for example. You needn’t worry about power for the Flex either, as Canary claims the built-in rechargeable battery is good for a few months use before it needs replenishing.

But to make sure you never run out of juice, Canary offers a similarly weatherproof magnetic wall plug.

If you already use a Canary security camera, you’ll be well aware of the companion app, but for those who don’t, the app acts as the main hub for all recorded content and notifications.

You can view recorded clips on your phone and even tap into the camera to view a live feed, call the police or set off the built-in alarm, which goes pretty darn loud.

Adam Sager, Canary CEO said: “Of all the firsts to be proud of, it is that we continue to lead the industry not just in what we build or how we protect our customers’ data, but in knowing that we are bringing people into a new relationship with their homes and meaningfully improving their lives”.

Along with the launch of the Flex, Canary is unveiling a new subscription plan called Membership. Membership will let you access the previous 30 days of recorded footage and provide unlimited storage and unlimited video downloads.

Membership will cost €9.99/month for one device or €14.99 for 2-3 devices. Canary is also increasing the free video access limit from 12 hours of footage to 24 hours. The Canary Flex weatherproof security camera will be available in Europe from early 2017.

Writing by Max Langridge.