A limited number of UK "notspots" are about to be connected up to the world of broadband, thanks to a BT pilot of new technology.

"Broadband Enabling Technology" or BET, can offer broadband with speeds of between 1 and 2Mbps to homes currently stuck on dial-up alone.

Described as an evolution of current tech, rather than a major breakthrough, BET enables homes up to 12km away from local telephone exchanges to get broadband, a distance previously limited to 5km.

The pilot locations have been named as Twyford - Berkshire, Badsey - Worcestershire, Llanfyllin - Powys, Leyland - Lancashire, Ponteland - Northumberland, Wigton - Cumbria, Horsham - West Sussex and Wymondham - Norfolk.

Inverness Culloden and Dingwall in Scotland have already got the solution as part of BT's initial trials.

Up to 3 million homes in the UK are currently in broadband "notspots", something the government wants addressed by 2012.