BT has announced what it says is a "high value" business bundle offering broadband and calls to UK landlines, international destinations and mobile numbers for just £30 a month.

The small print for the offer is extensive, so we would recommend putting a call in to BT to find out exactly what the score is regarding taking up the offer with your current situation, etc.

Eligible businesses will also be able to "build their own" BT communications package with a range of new BT One Plan call packages - but again, small print applies.

There are other offers tied in to this relating to various configurations of contracts, including fixed cost calls from £5 a month, 5% bill rewards and unlimited calls within businesses, but again, there are footnotes galore regarding eligibility.

In summary, BT claims to be offering £30 a month broadband business bundled with a range of nice-sounding extras, to certain customers signing up to certain plans with certain contractual obligations and with certain limitations. See small print for more.