BT Openzone has dramatically slashed the cost of wireless roaming for both new and existing customers.

Three new monthly plans have been announced, as well as more international partner hotspots for roaming abroad.

Here's the new deals: BT Openzone Original gives 400 minutes access to BT Openzone, BT FON and BT Business Total Broadband hotspots for £5 a month.

The second package is BT Openzone Together, which costs £12.50 a month and gives unlimited access to these hotspots plus 500 minutes of roaming on hotspots of BT’s UK partners, including T-Mobile.

And last up is BT Openzone Global, which will set you back £28 a month and adds 500 minutes of roaming on the hotspots run by the network’s international partners, including Telstra and Wayport.

BT has also reduced the cost of its per-minute tariff by 25% to 15p.

BT Openzone Global and BT Openzone Original have a minimum term of 12 months while BT Openzone Together has an 18 month minimum term.

And for people who want to raom whilst abroad - BT has signed deals with Swisscom and Comfone adding 2500 new hotspots.