BT Openzone customers are to lose access to public Wi-Fi hotspots provided by The Cloud. The agreement between the two companies firms will end on 2 October, BT told Openzone users in an email, reports The Register.

The Cloud told The Register that negotiations with BT had failed: "It's disappointing for BT Openzone customers that they will no longer be able to benefit from the convenience of our hotspots - we are disappointed that BT could not reach acceptable commercial terms, though we are certain everyone will understand that our service partners, O2, Orange, AT&T, iPass and many others are happy to do business with The Cloud".

BT says: "Customers will continue to get excellent Wi-Fi coverage through more than 3,000 premium BT Openzone hotspots including extensive coverage across 12 UK city centres, plus more than 40,000 international hotspots through our agreements with roaming partners and hotspots provided by the BT FON Wi-Fi community, now with more than 121,000 members".