BT is promising to boost your broadband, whichever provider you are with, or give you your money back.

The new service is claimed will increase your broadband connection speeds by at least 0.5Mbps, even if you are using a different ISP.

All customers have to have is a BT landline to qualify for the service.

BT will then send out an engineer, who will speed up their service, either by de-cluttering their computer or even by rewiring some of their sockets.

But the BT Accelerator service is not cheap at £90.

And some critics are claiming that customers may only see an improvement when there's plenty of capacity.

Others claim that consumers could do the tweaks themselves, including adjusting browser settings, removing bandwidth-heavy applications and monitoring the performance of download programmes such as the iPlayer.

BT, however, claims that the service is good value for money.

Head of BT's Home IT Support service, Taza Mohammedbhai, said: "Based on our research we are confident that up to 60%of customers could benefit from the Accelerator service. And if customers don't see an improvement on speed, we will refund the fee".