Babies are going to sleep to a wider range of music than ever before, according to research from BT. As well as traditional lullabies, parents are now sending their offspring off to sleep with classical, pop, rock, folk opera and even heavy metal.

Whilst 79% of parents say that their babies prefer lullabies sung by themselves or played to them, according to the survey other genres of baby music are making a strong challenge, with over a third of parents also choosing rock, pop and heavy metal.

According to BT, the results of the study helped it develop BT’s latest baby monitor, the Baby Monitor 150.

The new device allows parents to record their voices to be played back to their child as well as having the ability to plug-in an MP3 player.

The BT Baby Monitor 150 combines an intercom feature, allowing parent talk-back, with lights, sounds and music. It also comes with MP3 player plug-in, vibrating and clock/timer alerts. It even lets parents record their voices to be played back to the child.

The BT Baby Monitor 150 costs £69.99.