BT has cut off service to over 5000 broadband internet subscribers because of a row between it and internet service provider Euro1Net.

Customers are believed to have paid in advance for up to 2 years of service from Euro1Net, which charges £120 for a year of 512k broadband.

Customers are being directed to a page that says: “BT Wholesale has stopped providing a service to Advanced Data Services (parent company of Euro1Net), due to the non-payment of invoices".

“This means your broadband has also ended.”

However, customers won’t be permitted to sign up for new broadband until 5 September, which leaves them for weeks without service, unless they manage to sign up for dial-up.

Euro1Net, from its end, says on its website, “We had hoped that we could seamlessly perform network migration, however, due to the BT action this will now note be possible".

“We will in due course be contacting all our customers with details of the refund procedure to claim any unused subscription back.”