BT today has shaken up its broadband offering and announced a new package called BT Total Broadband.

Claimed to be the most comprehensive broadband packages yet seen in the UK, the new package from the telecoms company will be available from June 21st.

The crux of the new offering is a 8MB broadband connection as well as the promise of free internet voice calls, free video calls, and a suite of security software.

BT Total Broadband even gives freedom to roam outside the home with Wi-fi via free BT Openzone wireless minutes.

From June 21, new BT customers will get a choice of three simple Options starting from £9.95 a month, all offering ultra-fast download speeds of up to 8MB and free Evening & Weekend UK voice calls with BT’s Broadband Talk service.

Taking broadband out of the home, BT Total Broadband also now includes 250 free BT Openzone Wi-fi minutes per month during the minimum term.

This gives customers access to the internet at any of the thousands of BT Openzone Wi-fi hotspots in places such as cafes, hotels and airports in the UK and around the world.

The BT Home Hub is provided free of charge to all new customers taking Total Broadband Options 2 or 3.

BT has upgraded its BT Broadband Talk suite of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products, and is launching two new services: Broadband Talk Softphone and Broadband Talk Video. Developed at BT’s Adastral Park research laboratories, BT Broadband Talk is one of the most advanced VoIP services on the market and is now available with high-definition sound for delivering crystal clear internet voice and video calls.

Finally, BT announced the launch of BT Broadband Talk Video, including the BT Videophone. Customers equipped with a BT Videophone can see the person they are talking to, and the service is compatible with PC users equipped with Softphone and a webcam. Two models of Videophone will be available, starting from £149.99.