BT has announced it will launch higher speed broadband services across the UK enabling home users to get internet access up to four times the current average speed.

More than 5300 exchanges are being upgraded to support higher speed broadband, with these exchanges serving more than 99.6% of UK homes and businesses.

Following successful trials, BT confirmed that the BT ADSL Max and BT ADSL Max Premium broadband services will be launched on a national basis from from the end of this month. The launch will maximise the stable line rates available on individual lines up to 8Mbit/s.

While the faster broadband speeds will be available to service providers for new orders from March 31, 2006, BT says it will take several months to regrade the total existing end user customer base that service providers wish to be regraded to ADSL Max services.

The faster speeds should mean that net users will be able to use services such as watching video, listing to music and playing games easier.