BT increases broadband speeds

Following AOL's announcement last week, BT has followed suit and increased the speed of its broadband services at no extra cost to its customers.

The move will mean BT's 1.4 million retail broadband customers will be upgraded. Most consumer and business customers will have their speed increased up to 2 Mb - as much as four times faster than current speeds. Those with BT Broadband Basic will have their speed increased from 512k up to 1 Mb.

BT has said that it has increase the speed, not because of market pressure, but because it understands the need of its customers and their multiple connections; ie the console, laptops, and other broadband devices.

Livingston added: “The internet is no longer simply about surfing the web or checking email. More and more people are enjoying online gaming, on-demand music and video over the net. BT is bringing applications of the future - such as video telephony - within reach of all our customers today.”

New speeds will become effective for new consumer customers from February 17 and for new business customers from April 1. Migration of existing customers will start from the same dates.

The new speed increases mean that a standard 1Mb line on the BT broadband service will cost £17.99 a month.