Going to the local chemist to get your photos developed may become a thing of the past if BT and FujiFilm have anything to do with it. The two companies have joined forces to offer digital camera users the chance to process their images at ten new photo kiosks installed at locations around the UK.

Customers insert their camera memory card into the broadband enabled terminal to copy their files. They can then view and edit the images on the colour screen before ordering the individual prints they require in various sizes or on a photo-CD. The order is then processed, images sent to be printed, and then the results are posted to the customers address anywhere in the world.

The price varies on print sizes with a 5in x 7in print costing 60p each and a 10in x 15in costing £3.50. A Photo-CD costs £3.99. Likewise postage and delivery charges all vary depending where in the world you plan to send them and to send to a UK address will cost £1.50. Payment is made there and then at the kiosk by credit or debit card. During the trial BT will also be running a series of promotional offers.

The first “Digital Photo Kiosks” have been deployed at London Luton Airport, the Blackpool Tower, St John's Shopping Precinct in Liverpool, the Coppergate shopping centre in York and in the Corus hotels, at Hyde Park in London and Stratford-upon-Avon.

BT have 1500 broadband enabled kiosks across the UK and the “Digital Photo Kiosk” will be trailed for 6 months where both companies will decide whether the service should be rolled out further.

According to Reuters, global shipments of digital cameras are expected to jump 39 percent this year, from 47.9 million units last year to 68.6 million units making for plenty of users for BT and FujiFilm.