(Pocket-lint) - BT has come up with a new Wi-Fi router system, the first of its kind in the UK, which promises to effectively eliminate "dead spots". The system comprises three compact, 165mm discs, each with four built-in antenna which extend the Wi-Fi signal around your home.

BT says the new system will mean you'll never get a weak signal no matter where you are in your home as it can intelligently determine which disc your device needs to connect to. BT has designed a companion app to go with the system that will give you complete control. It even provides a step-by-step guide telling you how to set it up and where best to place each of the discs.

You'll also be able to see how your network is being used, who is online as well as being able to "pause" your connection to keep people off during meal times, or whenever you want the family to talk to each other.

It sounds like a similar system to Google Wi-Fi, which is only available in the US. The aim of both systems is to increase the Wi-Fi coverage around your home without affecting signal quality or speed.

The BT Whole Home Wi-Fi system is available now for £299.99

Writing by Max Langridge.