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(Pocket-lint) - BT has introduced a new entry level fibre broadband package, BT Infinity 1. It offers speeds of up to 52Mbps as standard for as little as £10 a month.

In addition to the internet connection, customers also received access to the provider's sports channels, BT Sport 1,2, ESPN and Europe.

The package sits with the company's other Unlimited Infinity packages, but unlike those has a cap on monthly internet usage. BT Infinity 1 customers can use up to 25GB of data a month.

In addition, the £10 a month (on a 12 month contract and for the first 12 months only) is reliant on taking a BT phone line, charged at £17.99 a month for line rental. And unlike the unlimited plans, does not include weekend calls. You also only get 50GB of cloud storage included rather than the 100GB offered to unlimited customers.

It's also worth noting that there will be a £49 activation fee.

It comes with a BT Home Hub 5 (with a £7.95 delivery charge applied).

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BT claims that its new service is the fastest standard fibre service around, citing Sky, TalkTalk and Plusnet each offering up to 38Mbps and Virgin Media offering up to 50Mbps. However, your actual speed will be dependent on the "time of day, line and location".

Virgin Media's up to 50Mbps fibre service is also unlimited, rather than capped. As is Sky's equivalently priced package.

You can find out more about BT Infinity 1 at bt.com.

Writing by Rik Henderson.