As part of its latest financial results unveiling BT has revealed that it will be testing 500Mbps broadband in two pilot locations in the UK this summer. The technology used is to be called and BT explains that it will enable "most homes" in the UK to have ultrafast speeds within the decade.

Consumer rollout of broadband will start in 2016/17.

BT is also planning to develop a premium fibre broadband service for the future that will enable speeds of up to 1Gbps. technology is capable of delivering a range of speeds depending on how close the hardware required is to a customer's premises, be that a home or business location. Initially, that will mean users will get speeds of several hundred of megabits per second. That will rise to 500Mbps, says BT, as industry standards are expanded and new equipment is developed.

At present, Virgin Media offers the fastest broadband service in the UK, offering a commercial package for up to 152Mbps. BT's rival also revealed trials for its own 1Gbps broadband technology in Papworth Everard near Cambridge at the end of last year.

BT's 500Mbps trials will take place in Huntington, again in Cambridgeshire, and Gosforth in Newcastle.