BT has just announced a new smartphone for home landlines, dubbed Home SmartPhone S. The touchscreen handset will allow users to block nuisance calls thanks to BT's service.

The handset itself comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen and Android OS. This isn't the first Android landline phone but it is a useful handset that comes pre-loaded with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tune-In Radio and games.

Most crucially the SmartPhone S uses BT's Nuisance Call Blocker, which was introduced on the BT65000 in 2013. Users can block international numbers, withheld numbers and unknown callers.

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There is a Do Not Disturb mode to switch off the ringer as well as the ability to bar outgoing calls to selected numbers such as premium rate lines. Incoming calls can be blocked for up to 10 telephone numbers.

The BT Home SmartPhone S is £170 and can be bought from the BT Shop.

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