Students at university don't want to sign up to a 12-month contract when they're busy taking advantage of all those long holidays that us working stiffs are so jealous of. So BT is offering a 9-month broadband and phone contract for £16 a month.

The BT Unlimited Student Broadband & Calls deal offers totally uncapped downloads at up to 16Mbps - ideal for students who love to stream and download without worry of being cut off and, heaven forbid, having to open a book. A £20 a month version of the deal also includes unlimited weekend calls.

Once signed up students are able to win gadgets like a 43-inch Samsung Plasma TV, Xbox 360, iPod Shuffles and Sainsbury's vouchers.

The next best deal is from Plusnet whose Essentials 12 month contract comes to £126.88 for the year (compared to BT's £144) but this is capped at 10GB a  month downloads.