BT has announced it will be offer 300Mbps broadband to customers in the UK later this year. Utilising fibre to the premises technology (FTTP), it will be on offer to those within reach of the 50 exchange areas with FTTP employed to date.

The British company claims that download speeds of up to 300Mbps will be complemented by upload speeds of up to 20MBps. Existing customers on FTTP packages will be able to upgrade to get 300Mbps broadband by subscribing to the £50 a month Unlimited package.

BT also says its service will not be hampered by traffic management.

"The new BT Home Hub 5 and the introduction of 300Mbps FTTP show how we are obsessed with providing an amazing broadband experience," said David McDonald, general manager of Consumer Broadband. "Only BT offers a service that combines dual band, Wi-Fi, no traffic management, market leading network performance and superfast BT Infinity. BT will never do anything to slow these customers down."

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