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(Pocket-lint) - BT will be launching the BT HomeHub 5 later in 2013, following hot on the heels of the HomeHub 4. The BT HomeHub 5 will bring with it support for the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi protocol, as well as including Gigabit Ethernet connections to give you faster home networking.

The BT HomeHub 5 was shown to us by BT during a HomeHub 4 briefing. Although we don't have the full details of the exact specifications of the new BT HomeHub 5, it was described to us as the perfect partner for BT Infinity broadband, enhancing the offering over the current BT HomeHub 3 and the more recent BT HomeHub 4 that's rolling out (pictured above).

In the same breath, we were also told that BT would soon be offering 300mbps home broadband. We've known for a while that this was undergoing trials, and it looks like BT is ready to roll out the ultrafast broadband service.

Aside from the faster networking capabilities of the new HomeHub 5, it will also integrate the modem and router into the same unit - currently there's a separate modem with the HomeHub only acting as the router, supplying additional network connections and Wi-Fi.

In real terms, BT says it will be more power efficient, as you'll only be powering the one device, but in practical terms, it means you'll get a plug socket back.

The design remains the same as the current BT HomeHub 4, except the bar on the front is light blue and from the quick glance we had of the device today, from the exterior we couldn't spot any other changes.

BT remained tight-lipped on the pricing of the HomeHub 5, but said it wouldn't be charging the sort of price you'd pay on the high street for a device of the same capabilities. It will be provided as standard to new BT Infinity customers following launch, or as an upgrade option similar to the existing arrangements in place for upgrading from HH3 to HH4.

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Whatever the case, it's worth holding on to your cash: if you're a BT Infinity customer, it's the dual-band, Wi-Fi ac, Gigabit Ethernet packing HomeHub 5 that you'll want to upgrade to, ready to support the next wave of superfast devices, like the new Apple MacBook Air.

Writing by Chris Hall.