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(Pocket-lint) - Belkin has launched a range of sensors that will allow you to monitor your home and those that are in it all from afar.

The new range of sensors, that span motion sensors, door sensors, and even a keychain that tells you when someone is at home, are due out in the second half of 2015 and will be the company's push to connect all areas of your home to the internet.

Part of a big trend at CES in Las Vegas, dubbed the Internet of Things, the new sensors will work as apart of the company's WeMo range.

The new range of sensors, which adds to its connected plugs and devices range will let home owners monitor windows and doors and individual movement of people.

There will be door and windows sensors, a personal keychain sensor, a room motion sensor and alarm sensor that all connect into the company's system allowing you to monitor everything from afar via a dedicated app.

Belkin is hoping people will be keen to use the new sensors to automate their lives a bit more for example by pairing a WeMo Insight Switch and a fan heater to automate the heating to only turn on when the window is closed, helping to save money and energy.
The individual tracking comes into play with the WeMo Keychain Sensor. It is a small fob designed to be placed on a keychain, pet collar or in a bag and alerts users when the fob’s carrier is at home or away rather than having to rely on an app running on a phone.

The sensor automatically sends an alert when the fob’s wearer no longer is connected to the network, letting them know that someone has come or gone.

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The WeMo Sensors will be available in the second half of 2015; pricing is undetermined at this time.

Writing by Stuart Miles.