Belkin is adding to its line-up of WeMo connected devices with WeMo Smart LED Bulbs.

Belkin already has the WeMo Light Switch so the next logical step would be into lighting. The WeMo Smart LED Bulbs are 60-watt equivalent with 800 lumens brightness and can be controlled via an iPhone or Android device. That means you'll be able to dim your lights quickly and easily, or turn them on and off whilst you are away from home.

The Belkin WeMo Smart LED Bulb will sell for £30. The WeMo LED Bulb will also come in an LED Lighting Starter Set with another bulb and a WeMo Link which allows control of up to 50 bulbs, at £100. Belkin says they will last up to 23 years.

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Belkin has also announced a DIY WeMo Maker Kit that allows you to control any device via a DC switch, such as a sprinkler system, garage door or antenna.

The Belkin WeMo Smart LED Bulbs and DIY WeMo Maker Kit will be on sale later this year.