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(Pocket-lint) - Netgear is expanding its Arlo range of home monitoring cameras with the Arlo Q.

The Arlo Q is a powered camera, meaning it needs to be hooked up to the mains, as opposed to the Wire-Free cameras that Netgear originally launched with the Arlo system, that require batteries.

The advantage, says Netgear, is that the Arlo Q can do more because it has a better power supply. That means it can give you better quality video footage - this model is 1080p - and it also integrates a two-way audio system. 

This is a camera for internal use only, unlike Arlo's other cameras that are rated for outdoor use, so you can see how the Arlo Q might be better suited to those wanting to keep an eye on the nursery, or on that pesky pooch you've left at home. 

The two-way audio system means you'll be able to listen as well as give commands.

As with the other Arlo cameras, the Q is equipped with night vision so you'll be able to see day or night and you can also set-up a range of motion alerts so you'll know when someone is walking around your house. The Arlo Q also adds sound alerts, so if someone off-camera drives a car through your front wall, the camera will alert you.

Unlike the Arlo Wire-Free cameras, there's no need for a bulky base station, so this is a good standalone solution. However, if you have a Wire-Free Arlo already, you can access the Arlo Q though the app you already have.

This camera offers any-time cloud access, as well as giving you recording, with 7-days of cloud recording for free. This can be upgraded to 24/7 cloud recording for a fee.

The Netgear Arlo Q is available on pre-order in the UK now for £169.99 and Netgear say that the units should start shipping by the end of February. 

There are also additions coming to the Arlo platform that will apply both to the Arlo Q and the Arlo Wire-Free system, and that's geo-fencing. Through an app update Netgear is going to make it easier to arm and disarm cameras, as well as letting you set location conditions, for example to turn off the cameras when you're at home. 

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These updates should roll out in April 2016, Netgear told us today.

Writing by Chris Hall. Editing by Adrian Willings.