(Pocket-lint) - Apple has released iOS 11.4 and HomePod 11.4 and with it enabled AirPlay 2, which for Apple HomePod owners allows you to now connect two HomePod speakers to create a stereo pair.

Without a dedicated HomePod app on your iPhone or iPad you might be slightly confused how you get one to connect to the other, but we're here to walk you through the process.

Here's how to create a HomePod stereo pair


Step 1: Make sure your HomePods are updated to 11.4 or later. If you don't you won't be able to do it. Updating a HomePod is really easy:

  • Open the Home app
  • Tap the Location icon in the upper left-hand corner
  • Scroll down and under the Speakers tap Software Update
  • Tap the Update (All) button to begin the update, and tap Agree on the Terms and Conditions page

Step 2: Open the Home app, find the first HomePod you want to pair, and tap on the icon. Then tap "Details", scroll down and tap on "Create Stereo Pair"

Step 3: Select which HomePod will be left and which will be right and then confirm your selection. When you tap on <Back (top left) your pair will be created.

The new paired HomePods will now show up in Apple Music, iTunes, AirPlay, and everywhere else on your Apple devices as a single pair, which will play the content you stream to it in stereo audio.

And before you ask, you can't pair three HomePods together although you can have more than two HomePods (i.e. a pair and a single HomePod for example) in the same room controlled via the same zone in the Apple Home app.

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How HomePod stereo pairing works

When you play the first song, each HomePod in the pair will detect its placement in the room and adjust itself appropriately.

According to Apple, the bass EQ mic of each measures and shares initial information and applies the same filter for consistent bass sound for the environment across the two speakers.

Once done, the left HomePod not only plays just the left channel, but also separates and beams both the ambient left and direct left energy, while the right HomePod does the same for the right channel effectively balancing the load between the two speakers rather than just making everything twice as loud.

The company says the end stereo pair result provides a wide, almost three-dimensional feeling, for an incredible listening experience.

How to unpair HomePods that are stereo paired

To Ungroup the HomePods, go to the Home app, select your paired HomePods, go to Details, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on "Ungroup Accessories".

Writing by Stuart Miles.