(Pocket-lint) - Apple commissioned esteemed film and music video director Spike Jonze to create an elongated advert for its HomePod smart speaker and the end result is, as we expected, excellent.

However, it's not really about HomePod - barely featuring it, in fact. And there's not a ring on a sideboard in sight.

In all seriousness though, the fact that HomePod is in the commercial briefly and the rest is essentially about the emotive nature of music is what makes the four minute long video so watchable. And that's why we've posted it below for you to also enjoy.

Spike Jonze is famous for his movies, having directed several including the amazing Being John Malkovich and Oscar-nominated Her, but the HomePod ad reminds us more of his early music video work. There are definitely elements of Praise You and Weapon of Choice (both videos of Fatboy Slim tracks).

This time though, FKA twigs takes on the dancing role rather than Jonze himself or Christopher Walken.

And if you particularly like the track in "HomePod - Welcome Home" it's 'Til It’s Over by Anderson .Paak, exclusively available on Apple Music. Naturally.

Writing by Rik Henderson.