(Pocket-lint) - Apple Homekit is finally here. With over 100 products supporting the ecosystem, including Elgato Eve, there are now tonnes of things you can do to your home to help you enjoy it more.

Homekit is a system that allows you to quickly and easily control devices, be it one or many, from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple TV. You can control HomeKit devices in a number of ways through a series of sensors, intelligent switches, or lights.

On its own, the Home app isn't very smart as Apple is just providing the software. With the right hardware however, you can really start to change the way you enjoy your house. Here are five scenarios that might sound futuristic, but are all possible today with either the Home app or Elgato's Eve ecosystem.

Welcome home

By the end of the year, there will be over 100 different HomeKit compatible devices available, meaning there will be plenty of different ways the system could welcome you home. One simple and easy way is to have a HomeKit scene set to automatically turn your lights on and start boiling a cup of tea for you as you walk through the door. You can do this through the Eve Energy Switch and Power Meter (Buy: UKUS). 

The intelligent plug socket, when used in connection with an Apple TV 4 in the home, can automatically turn on anything connected to it when your phone sends a location trigger to notify your home hub that you're getting close. The days of coming home to a dark house are over.

Is everything turned off?

We've all been there, saying "I can't remember if I turned xyz off" as you are driving away from your house. With HomeKit enabled door sensors, like the Eve Door & Window sensor for example, you have the ability to ensure all your HomeKit enabled and connected devices turn off when you walk out of a certain door as the sensor is triggered.

Controlling that hard to reach plug from your phone

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, yet every night you'll be on the floor crawling under your Christmas tree to reach for the plug socket to turn the lights out. Not with the Eve Energy plug socket (Buy UK, US) you won't.

Eve Energy allows you to not only automate the times that the lights come on or go off, but it also give a voice instruction to Siri to do it for you. The neighbours are going to be so jealous.

Good morning world

Apple's Home app has a pre-programmed setting called Good Morning. Why bother waking up to an annoying alarm when you could opt to wake up to a light gently glowing, a warm bathroom and a fresh port of coffee, while Siri tells you what the weather is doing outside.

You can do some of that using Eve Thermo, a HomeKit enabled thermostatic radiator valve that can control your radiators via pre-programmed schedules, a Siri command, or the Home app, alongside Eve Energy that could be plugged into an electric blind that will slowly rise at a given time. A HomeKit enabled coffee machine (or even an old one connected to an Eve Energy) could then start you a brew. Wide awake.

Breathe Easy

With Eve Room and Eve Energy (Buy UKUS), you can automatically keep your home fresh as a daisy and free from poor air quality. The room sensor will allow you to monitor not only the quality of the air in the room, but also the temperature and humidity of the room too.

The accompanying Eve app then provides the information to enable you to action things based on the results, such as opening a window, adding a dehumidifier, or even removing a cheap toy or pillow that is actually causing you harm.