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(Pocket-lint) - It would be really cool if Apple launched a HomeKit app alongside iOS 10, and it looks like that might happen.

HomeKit is Apple’s framework for home automation. It was first announced at WWDC 2014. Manufacturers can implement HomeKit into their smart accessories so that accessories can be controlled by a single interface (Siri) and work with Apple’s devices. Under the current HomeKit system, you must download apps for each accessory and use their HomeKit interface to create rooms, scenes, and triggers.

Well, according to MacRumours, Apple is indeed working on a HomeKit app to replace all those third-party apps. The website spotted an Amazon review in which the reviewer claims to work for Apple’s marketing department. The reviewer said Apple is developing a standalone HomeKit app for the next version of iOS, and MacRumours was able to "verify" this source via the person's LinkedIn profile, etc.

Here's what the reviewer reportedly said:

"As I work in marketing for Apple, we test many Smart Home devices, especially for iOS HomeKit integration. [...]

Some advice, there are many third party applications, most free, that offer more control and customization(s) with many Smart Home devices. 'Yonomi' is a free app that I often use,'Home' is another which cost $14.99. Both offer support for many devices with more added daily (including Amazon 'Echo'). The next version of iOS due this fall will have a standalone 'HomeKit' app as well."

Many critics and reports, including this one by 9to5Mac, seem to think Apple will unveil a HomeKit app in iOS 10 that will give users the ability to use just one app in order setup their home with tonnes of smart accessories. A HomeKit app would be sort of like the Health app but for HomeKit devices rather than diet and fitness data. The idea is you’d use the HomeKit app to create rooms, scenes, and triggers.

If Apple is making a HomeKit app, it would likely unveil the app at WWDC 2016 in June (when it's expected to debut iOS 10).

Writing by Elyse Betters.