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(Pocket-lint) - Without tying it into a two-hour-long presentation filled with other devices, Amazon has quietly debuted a new bit of smart home tech, launching the simply-named Smart Air Quality Monitor.

It's a small device that simply sits in your home and, exactly as the name suggests, monitors the air quality inside of it, tying into your Alexa ecosystem to let you check on things with simple voice commands.

It'll keep track of five key metrics, according to Amazon, comprised of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, humidity, and temperature. Keeping all of these ideal will make for healthier air for you and your family.

Its integration with Alexa means that any of these falling below or rising above your desired levels could trigger another smart or Alexa-enabled device, like turning on the thermostat or an air purifier, which clearly demonstrates how useful it could be.

Amazon has also kept the cost down, selling it at $69.99 or £69.99, which isn't cheap but is a good price for something with these capabilities. The device is available to pre-order now and will ship in December, according to Amazon.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 4 November 2021.