(Pocket-lint) - "I can be your Eero, baby". Sorry, we couldn't resist. Amazon's mesh Wi-Fi system, which is called Eero, has a good chunk slashed from its asking price this Black Friday.

The triple pack usually retails for $249/£249, but it's on sale from today until the end of November for $174.00 on Amazon US, and an even more impressive £149.40 on Amazon UK - a massive 40% saving.

In fact, in the US alone there's also a great saving to be had when picking up a twin-pack of units - $118.00 down from $169.00 on Amazon US, which is a whopping 30% off.


So what is a mesh network? It might sound boring, but it can pay back its worth 10 fold, as this invisible network extends your Wi-Fi signal's strength to cover a greater distance, boosting weak spots, and ensuring all your tech has the best signal speed when they're farther away from the main router.

If you've been getting spin-outs on Netflix as it buffers for the 30th time during a movie, this kind of setup could help see an end to that.

Having multiple units in the pack means you can link them together, either at different points in your house or even effectively wireless daisy-chain them to deliver signal through, say, your garden - perhaps into an office that you've had built at the end of it?

In addition, Amazon's standalone Eero Wi-Fi router/extender is also available at a nice discount - down to $79.00 from $99 on Amazon US, and again by a steeper margin now £59.40 instead of £99 on Amazon UK.


This single standalone unit adds onto your existing router to boost the signal. It's a neat, simpler solution.

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Writing by Jason Denwood. Editing by Max Freeman-Mills.