(Pocket-lint) - Amazon's smart voice assistant can do many things, switch on and off your lighting, answer your Ring doorbell, control your Sonos audio system, but did you know that she can also play Mornington Crescent?

Not only that, but she's great at it.

Ask her "Alexa, enable Mornington Crescent" and she'll give you a cracking game for as long as you like. Be wary though, she knows all the rules and regulations. As posted by Lib Dem councillor Jon Ball on his Twitter account.

Of course, that's all nonsense really. Mornington Crescent doesn't really have any rules.

The "game" was originally adopted by BBC Radio 4's I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue in the 70s, mainly as a spoof of panel games.

The idea is to say different locations - usually London Tube stations - with the ultimate aim of being the first to say Mornington Crescent. However, you can say Mornington Crescent at any time and there's no actual restriction on doing so. Nor are there any real rules as to which station to say on any round.

The fun in the game is to make up complex, chess-like rules to accompany each move. And that's why it's become so popular as a parlour game.

Now, thanks to Alexa, you can play it on your own.

Writing by Rik Henderson.