(Pocket-lint) - The missing piece of the Echo puzzle - the Echo Spot - is now available to pre-order in the UK. The little brother to the Echo Show, the Echo Spot makes for a perfect bedside companion.

Announced alongside the refreshed Echo models late in 2017, the Echo Spot has only been available in the US until now. With deliveries expected from 24 January, the Echo Spot will cost you £119.99, or you can save some cash by buying two for £199.98.

The Echo Spot is powered by Alexa, offering you all the skills and fun commands that you'll find elsewhere. It can control all your connected smart home devices, play music from common sources like Amazon Music, Spotify or TuneIn, as well as supporting the Alexa Calling functions.

Thanks to that 2.5-inch display, you'll get a little more information on display, so you can glance for the time, weather, see the music that's playing or ask for other details. It will even play Amazon Video, so if you're stirring risotto on the hob and want to sneakily watch The Grand Tour, then you can. 

The Echo Spot if probably the cutest of all the Echo devices. It's essentially an Echo Dot with a display, but its fun form means you can put it anywhere in the house to give you Alexa controls.

Most will probably see this as a great bedside companion, meaning you can easily set alarms or reminders, turn off the lights or even check your connected cameras without moving out of bed. 

Like other Echo devices, it is Bluetooth and line out equipped should you want to connect it to a different sound system.

The Echo Spot will be available in black or white. 

Writing by Chris Hall.