The Amazon Echo Buttons are the first "Alexa Gadgets", a fun accessory for your Echo that will let you play interactive games. They were initially announced for the US, but is now offering them for the UK too.

Priced at £19.99 a pair in the UK, you can now order the Echo Buttons, the perfect present for any Echo owner who wants to have a little more Christmas fun with the family.

The Amazon Echo has been updated and refreshed and with Black Friday and continuing sales, the Echo has been more affordable than ever - we're sure that a lot of you picked one up at discount prices.

The Echo Buttons will let you play interactive games with your Echo, hitting the buttons so that players can dive in, rather than everything having to be turn based. You'll be able to play Trivial Pursuit Tap, Beat the Intro, Button Monte and more. All you have to do is ask Alexa what you can play with your Echo Buttons - go on try it.

This is a brand new twist in the Echo tale and Amazon are saying that they will deliver the Echo Buttons in time for Christmas. So don't delay, order your Buttons today!