With the Echo and Echo Dot already seeing Black Friday discounts, it's no surprise that Amazon has now extended this offer to the Echo Plus - the smartest of the smart speakers.

The Echo Plus normally retails for £139.99, but is £30 off today, meaning you can buy it for £109.99.

The Amazon Echo Plus sits at the top of the Echo tree. It looks like the original, but has boosted the sound quality a little for a slightly richer tone, while still offering you the benefit of the manual volume ring on the top and the full suite of Alexa controls.

The reason it has "Plus" in the name, however, is because Amazon has added a Zigbee controller. This means that, in addition to the wide range of smart home "skills" that Alexa already supports, the Echo Plus can be used to setup and control a range of devices without the need for a separate hub or app.

The idea is to enable you to buy devices that are Zigbee compatible - such as Philips Hue light bulbs - and you don't need a separate controller or hub. It's a simple solution, even if it is rather geeky.

But at its heart, the Amazon Echo Plus is a great way to add Alexa to your house - it's a kitchen companion, a smart home controller and access to a wide range of music services all with your voice.

So take advantage of Amazon's £30 discount and snap one up today!