(Pocket-lint) - A resident living in Hamburg, Germany arrived back to his flat after a night out to find a new lock and an invoice after his Amazon Echo decided to start playing loud music between 2 and 3am in the morning. 

Neighbours had to call police to the sixth floor flat to put an end to the disturbance which had seemingly been started by the smart speaker. Oliver Haberstroh wasn’t aware his Echo began playing music, and he claims he didn’t command it to remotely from his phone. 

However a report after the incident found that Alexa was activated remotely and increased the volume from Haberstroh’s third-party music app, in this case believed to be Spotify. It’s not clear which Echo was involved, but we hope it was the first generation so at least the neighbours could listen to better quality sound.

Despite Amazon claiming it’s cloud servers worked as they should, the retail giant has offered to reimburse Haberstroh for all related costs. We're not sure whether that involves throwing a party his neighbours can go to.  

Writing by Max Langridge.