(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has announced a new Smart Home Skill API for Alexa-enabled devices that will allow consumers to control AV equipment such as TVs, speakers and AV receivers using Alexa voice control.

Anyone with compatible equipment won't need to download a specific skill to the Amazon Alexa app, as the capability will be integrated directly into the equipment.

Unfortunately, it doesn't mean you can start controlling your entire home using your voice just yet, as manufacturers will need to roll out software updates for their products to support the skill.

The good news however is that is already happening, as Sony has announced that all of its 4K HDR TVs running Android OS can receive an update that will add Alexa voice control. With the update installed, Sony 4K TV owners will be able to change channels, adjust the volume, switch inputs and fast forward or rewind content using their voice and an Alexa-enabled device.


Logitech has also followed suit and has begun rolling out an update for its Harmony hub-based remote controls that will add the same features. With the Harmony skill enabled within the Alexa app, owners can put down the remote and control equipment connected to a Harmony hub using their voice instead.

It's not just Amazon's Echo devices that can be used to control AV equipment using Alexa, as any Alexa-enabled device is compatible. That means speakers such as the Sonos One and phones such as the HTC U11, not to mention Amazon's Fire tablets, can also be used to control your home entertainment kit.

With Amazon's Smart Home Skill API already being adopted by manufacturers, we expected plenty more will follow soon and we'll update this piece when we hear of any new ones.

Writing by Max Langridge.