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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has called together select media to revamp its Echo devices, launching a swathe of new hardware and software to expand the system even further. 

Not content with launching a new Echo that's primed for better sound, the company is also making a huge play into smart home control with the Echo Plus.

It might look like the current (old) model, but this is a more advanced speaker. With better bass and treble than the newly announced Echo for better overall sound quality, this time it has a smart home controller built in, able to detect devices on request using the ZigBee wireless protocol.

The new V3 smart home API will now give you a lot more information about devices around your home, knowing where you are and knowing the state of devices, such as whether something is locked or unlocked, rather than just pushing a command for an action. 

It will also be able to natively create routines and scenes, able to execute smart home controls across a range of devices, for example opening the blinds and turning on the kettle when you say "good morning". 

Amazon says that the Echo Plus doesn't need apps or skills, it just works out of the box, giving you all the Echo fun you're used to, but working as a smart home controller too, with lots of partners already on board, including the like of Philips and Honeywell.

To get you started, every Echo Plus will come with a Philips Hue White light bulb.

The Echo Plus will cost £139.99 or $149.99 or €149.99 and it is available from today.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 27 September 2017.