Alexa is coming to everything imaginable, from smartphones to ovens, so naturally, a home security camera could be a good fit too.

Amazon is possibly working on one right now, according to a product pic that’s been spotted on the company’s own servers. AFTVnews discovered the image. It looks like other security cameras from the likes of Nest, Canary, etc, with its white exterior design, black central area, and pivoting base. Only, it has a little blue glow circling the lens. And it look very reminiscent of Alexa.

AFTVnews was the site that first leaked images of the Roku 4. So, although you should be cautious of any leak until it is confirmed, it does look like Amazon wants Alexa to jump from speakers to cameras. The company currently makes the Alexa-enabled Echo line of speakers, which includes the original Echo, the Dot, and the Tap, but its also opened Alexa to third-party manufacturers.

Alexa has proven to be very popular, and at CES 2017, several companies announced they would be releasing products with built-in Alexa. Some smartphone makers, such as Lenovo and Huawei, are even adding a version of it to their handsets. It's therefore not out of the realm of possibilities that Amazon wants there to be an Alexa gadget that watches your home for you.

Because Amazon itself is making the thing, we'd bet that it'll be closely tied to Echo and will feature deep Alexa integration. For instance, maybe this camera just adds to Echo the ability to make audio and video calls to other Echo and Fire users. It'll be interesting to see what Amazon ends up doing here. We'll probably know soon, considering the image is already on Amazon's site.

Pocket-lint has contacted Amazon for a comment and will update when we know more.