Christmas is almost upon us and the sales are kicking off already. That means you can save big on great tech pressies for loved ones: especially if they want an Amazon Echo device.

Amazon is now offering its bestselling Amazon Echo Dot for just £34.99 - £15 off the usual price. Plus, the new, smaller Amazon Echo is priced from £69.99 - £20 off - and the Amazon Echo Plus is available from £109.99 - £30 off.

What's more, the Amazon Echo Show, with its 7-inch touchscreen, has a massive £70 off for this sales period. It's just £129.99 on

The Amazon Echo family of devices has rapidly evolved into the centre of the smart home, not only letting you ask questions of the Alexa personal assistant that lurks within, but play music, quiz your calendar, turn on your lights, check the fuel in your BMW and a whole lot more.

The Amazon Echo and Echo Plus are also great speaker solutions, with integrated drivers providing the oomph to your music playback.

The Echo Dot is a great way to add Alexa's skills to an existing hi-fi setup, or to use in other rooms around the house if you already have a larger Amazon Echo speaker solution, so you can bark commands from your bed and get Alexa to respond.

The Amazon Echo has forged a new category of device, beating the likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple into this connected space, and offering a device that's not only convenient, but a lot of fun too, because it's so simple to use.