Samsung-owned SmartThings will soon work with Amazon Echo, according to the company's now-unpublished blog post.

The smart home platform is getting ready to release a second-generation home automation hub in September, and to complement the release of that hardware, it looks like SmartThings will add support for Amazon Echo integration. The Bluetooth speaker that features a voice assistant can already control competing smart home platforms, such as Wemo and Wink, so this new integration has long been suspected.

In SmartThing's blog post, the company explained that you'll be able to control your SmartThings-compatible lights, switches, and anything plugged in to the SmartThings Power Outlet simply by asking or issuing voice commands to Amazon's internet-connected speaker. All you have to do is start your sentences with "Alexa", which is the name of Echo's assistant, to start controlling these devices.

SmartThings even shared a video (above) to demonstrate Echo controlling a SmartThings-compatible Cree bulb, Osram Lightify bulb, SmartPower Outlet, and a Sonos player. It also has this step-by-step guide with instructions on how to connect Echo with the SmartThings system.

There's no word when the integration will officially launch, but we're expecting it to be soon.