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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon just made a button that you can attach anywhere and press just once to order something specific.

It's called Dash Button, and it features a reusable adhesive as well as a hook, so you can place it on a wall, table, appliance, or wherever you prefer. The idea is that when you're running low on a product, such as coffee, you simply press the Dash Button near your coffee maker, then an order gets placed through Amazon, and Amazon will quickly deliver the coffee to your house.

The Dash Button is an expansion of the Dash remote that Amazon launched last year in a limited beta. It had a scanner and a remote, allowing you to walk around your house and then speak into the mic or scan a product barcode to place an order. With Dash Buttons, Amazon is allowing customers to skip the scanner and mic and instead order any of more than one dozen products with the press of a button.

Each button orders a specific item, such as Olay body wash or Tide detergent, and it can be either hung with a hook or affixed to a surface with an adhesive on the back. Amazon recommended placing the button near the actual item it's programmed to order. At launch, the online retail giant said it will offer about 18 buttons, including ones for baby food, coffee, paper towels, etc.

Amazon is also offering its Dash service to developers, makers, and manufacturers, so that they can integrate the same service that powers Dash Button into their product or services. Brother printers, Brita water filters, and Whirlpool clothes washers and dryers plan to integrate automated or easy ordering, so your Brother printer, for instance, will know if ink is low and can automatically order more.

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Amazon isn't charging for the buttons and has claimed battery life will last for years. If you'd like to try Dash Buttons, you must be a Prime member, and you must request an invitation here. The company will start sending them to customers Tuesday, though it's not clear if it's limited to customers in the US. Each home can only get a maximum of three buttons to start.

Writing by Elyse Betters.